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 to Ziggy, Bella, and Natural

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PostSubject: to Ziggy, Bella, and Natural   Tue Mar 24, 2009 7:57 am

Hey gang i'll put it out there.......for yah

We our not like the last VG set up and we are not like RL, eYn, or sK......We are new and and Laz have under ground have kept our small team a float to bringing all are friends back together to reform Vendetta.......As promised i am sponsoring a team for mlg and plan to add more teams but its not going to happen overnite. In fairness we need to show we can do it together. As far as i am concern all 3 of you guys are welcome back with open arms to join and change your tags at anytime you want ( keep it polite ). As for you small teams they will have to go through the apps and interview part before coming a member, how that works is simple im not here to break your team mojo up that you compete with. But if you wanna earn sponsorship here and they come to this clan than they need to respect what we got here and thats family and friends and I do uphold that.

Other than that welcome back, I look forward to see this family grow and stick around.

P.S. Also when we play with our friends/teams communication is key, we only get better that way. So if your away from game chat please stay focus on your game play, In Cod 4 we have simple game play strats and thats not to cross over on certain maps unless we want to capture the other spawn, it keeps from spawn swappuing and statergy thanx for your time on this.

Call M3 Cooze
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to Ziggy, Bella, and Natural
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