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 Rules for Practice

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PostSubject: Rules for Practice   Rules for Practice I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 12, 2009 4:04 pm


Some of these rules maybe be old to some of you, but we felt that it would be good to post them so that we are all clear what is expected of everyone of us, recruits and full members alike. So here they are:

Recruitment managers and practice captains will normally start up a practice room around 5-10 minutes before the actual official time. At that time they will begin to send out game invites.

* All those wanting to join the practice must do within 10 minutes after the practice has started if they want their time counted. We are doing this so it will allow the practice host to be able to write down all those joining the practice, thus keeping track of times. Also one must set their online status to “away” during practice. This will prevent those not in practice from spamming you or inviting you to join their rooms to play.

* If you join the room at the allowed time we expect you to complete at least 1 hour of practice. Practices are recorded in 30 minute increments after the first hour. If you choose to leave before the 1st hour is up they will not be responsible for counting your time. We all have to make our hours and it is not fair to everyone else that is willing to commit to getting their time in.

* We ask everyone to let the practice host know how many hours you will be attending during each practice session. We realize that things come up and sometimes we have other obligations, but with a large number of people in a room it is hard for the host to know who is talking at times. So please let them know ahead of time so you don't end up losing your time. If you choose to leave a practice without telling the practice host, you will not get your time.

* During practice the practice host is in charge. We ask all in practice that when the host is talking to give him the respect and be quiet and allow him to speak. Of course we all like to talk and that is encouraged but sometime the host will have important information to share with everyone.

* Everyone is to be respectful to the host and each other. We will not tolerate any disrespectful speech of any kind. We are all a big family here and all enjoy gaming so remember that when we are practicing.

* The Practice host is in charge or how he chooses to set up game rules (gametype, gamemap, etc.) There will be no arguing about his choices. He has been appointed to the position for a reason. So if this is not followed he has the right to boot anyone from the practice he chooses. The practice captains are not compensated in any way and are volunteering their own time to help the division, so please show your respect to them for helping you to make your hours.

* Anyone not wanting to follow the rules during practices will be asked to leave the practice. If the offense is serious enough they will receive a verbal warning from the host (or asked to leave the clan in very serious offenses). If the actions continue in future practices, one of the leaders will be notified and a decision will be made to remove you completely from recruitment. As stated before, we are all here to have fun but we also need organization, and anyone being unruly and disruptive will be dealt with.

* If anyone is having a problem with someone in the practice we ask that you inform the practice host. Do not take it upon yourself to get into a screaming match with someone else. Nothing is ever solved that way. Everyone must realize that we all have different personalities and at times they do clash, but let’s try to be mature about things. At no time is muting the practice captain or a staff member acceptable. If you have an issue with a practice captain, then leave the practice and talk to a staff member if you cannot work out your differences.

*Anyone wanting to send a message to the practice host or staff in general, please do so in text form. There is nothing worse than being in a practice and having to stop to listen to a voice message. Also, many in staff check their XBL messages from a PC as it allows them to handle messages and be able to type responses quicker, and are unable to listen to voice messages.

* One more thing I ask everyone to remember that we do have younger members within our division. Please try and think before things come out of your mouth. Of course we want you to be able to communicate and joke around but sometimes tact is needed as we all know that we have an opportunity to influence those younger than ourselves.

Please make sure that you have read, understand, and agree to follow these rules. It is of course every ones responsibility to know these and all the Vendetta rules listed here.

Final Note: Please make sure you check this regularly as it will get updated with new info from time to time.

Thank you, and welcome!

Your Vendetta Leaders
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Rules for Practice
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