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 Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines   Rules and Guidelines I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 12, 2009 3:22 pm

Recruitment General Guidelines

There are several requirements to becoming Vendetta. When posting we ask that you tell us a bit about yourself. Add your Xbox Live Gamertag, prior gaming or clan experience, and anything else you might find beneficial for us to know.
As you embark on joining Vendetta there are some important facts to should know about the clan on a whole.

We will provide all the info that you will need to know and learn about as you go through your recruitment.

Once you have posted your application we do request that you show some patience and allow time for a recruitment manager to reply to your application. Upon replying, they will inform you of a time when you will have a one on one interview in game. This is a benefit to both sides. For you, it will help you decide if this is what you really want to be a part of, and for us to see if we feel you will fit in within our ranks. We are a large family here and want to make sure your experience within Vendetta will be one that you will enjoy and come to love the way most of us have.

Recruitment begins on Sunday of each week. There are no exceptions to this. If you are contacted the day following the start of recruitment you will need to wait until the next start date. Per the discretion of the recruitment manager you will be invited to participate in some of our scheduled practices. This will give you an opportunity to meet some other members and recruits and allow you to understand how we do things within the clan.

The following are some basic rules. PLEASE LEARN THEM AND FOLLOW THEM AT ALL TIMES

1. First and foremost we are here to support all Respect. Without them the Vendetta Gaming would not exist today. We are to conduct ourselves this way in and out of games and on the forums at all times.

2. Respect everyone within the clan and those you will play with online. Disrespect of anyone (inside or out of the clan) will not be tolerated.

3. NEVER, and we mean NEVER, use the word R 4 P E or anything that would insinuate the same thing. We will not condone anything that is demeaning to women. If you disobey this rule you will be removed from recruitment. This is your only warning. Learn to live by it.

4. We do not tolerate any racial slurs, racist comments, or any other hateful derogatory comments. If you are found to have engaged in using hateful and derogatory speech, you will be removed immediately. The same goes for anything offensive to the gay community. If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all.

5. NO CHEATING of any kind whatsoever. That includes bridging for host (even if you think it’s for legit reasons…because it’s really not legit in any way), bridging people out, modding, glitching, standbying, standbying for host, etc. NO CHEATING or glitching of any kind during in game practices. Our practices are for us to get to know each other and hopefully improve our skills. NO TEA BAGGING anybody.

6. VERY IMPORTANT: Do not make an Vendetta tag until you become a full member. You will be notified by a division leader or recruitment manager when you are eligible to become a full member. If you decide to make it before you at told it's okay, you will have your recruitment extended (this will also be explained in detail later).

Vendetta Gaming HAS A "ONE AND DONE" POLICY, which means we have a no tolerance policy. It is an meant to be an HONOR to be chosen as a member of this clan. We expect that you treat your time here as such. Any breaking of the rules will not go unseen and will be handled with all due seriousness.

With that being said we have one final rule for you...HAVE FUN! We realize we have a lot of rules to follow, but this has been created to make being a part of this clan a safe and fun environment for all. Our objective is to be different than the typical negative people one encounters on XBL, so we expect our members to embody everything positive that one wishes to see on XBL.

Thank You,
Your Vendetta Leaders
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Rules and Guidelines
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